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JReport 13.1 - was ist neu?

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  • JDashboard now supports Visual Analysis components for in-depth data analysis.
  • Multi-tenancy now supports organizational admin control of organization level security and resource management.
  • Mash-up multiple data sources in a single report component.
  • Create runtime formulas for groups and aggregations in Ad Hoc Reporting.
  • Support for EnterpriseDB, including stored procedures.

Richer customization

  • Printing options on server and client printers.
  • Top N or Bottom N filtering of data values in charts by category only, series only or a mixture of category and series.
  • Download support added for linked BLOB data files (e.g., images, documents, PDF files), instead of display only.
  • Filter inheritance in linked reports from master reports.

Other feature enhancements

  • Easier JReport Server upgrade installation process with full backup and restore options.
  • Quick search and sort of data source resource lists in Ad Hoc Reporting.
  • Major and minor sorting across multiple fields in a table.
  • Dynamic images (e.g., logos), labels and display names now controllable by formulas according to user name.
  • New Special Field called Report Path to display report directory path.
  • Page Break support in Ad Hoc Reporting.
  • SSL support in MongoDB connections.
  • HTTPS support in XML data sources.


JReport 13.1 ist verfügbar!

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JReport 13.1 ist da! Sie können es hier downloaden.

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